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Animal Kingdom

Animals, Birds, and Fish in Dreams


There are all kinds of animals in the Bible that are used as symbols and messengers. You will find snakes, cows, bulls, sheep, lambs, goats, rams, worms, bears, lions, leopards, horses, dragons, and dogs. And the birds are quite famous; among them are the dove, the raven, the eagle, the cock, the hen, and the vulture. We can't forget the fish which include the whale and some of the all-time favorites, the spider, the fly, the ant, and the gnat. 

The lamb and the sheep are the most common and in contrast to the meekness of the lamb are some thirty-five references to the fierceness of the dragon and of course the least favorite cuddly snake. Dear dreamer, don't be afraid of snakes in your dreams, 
they are not always evil. Many times when a snake visits you in your dream you may only be afraid of the wisdom you need to confront. 


When animals, birds, fish, and insects have a message for you through dreams or visions they often speak to your emotions or natural instincts. They show us by their pattern of life what is going on within us. Animals in our dreams are less conscious than people. When we face truth that may not agree with our past traditions or old beliefs, we may indeed be afraid of it. But this does not make it evil. These incredible animal messengers who appear to us iin our dreams and visions teach us and guide us, empower us and help so many of us heal. 

Some animals have common symbolic meanings, the fox for example is cunning, the rooster with his early morning call, the lion with its royalty, and the great eagle as king of the sky. It can become a little tricky to define the interpretation of such dreams because they may have different meanings for each individual and must be interpreted with care. 

"Ask The Animals and They Will Teach  You"

                                        Job 12:7

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