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                               All human beings are fascinated by dreams, especially their own! 

Ever since there have been words to speak about them, these strange happenings in the night have 

been the subject of wonder and discussion wherever people have gathered together to talk about

their hopes and fears.


I have been an interpreter of dreams for over 30 years and whenever I speak at book signings or talk with a group of friends and mention my work in the serious study of dreams, the questions about them begin to surface. It's thrilling for me to see how people immediately show their hunger and excitement to learn more about . . . 

                                            the meaning of their dreams!


I love the language of dreams and when you share your dream with me it teaches you not only

about dreams, but the interpretation of the dream helps you remember your dreams. God's purpose

is to reach your heart and speak to your true self. Sometimes there are a lot of road blocks that

get in the way, however it is possible to deal with these challenges revealed in your dreams and

clear them from your path. . . once and for all. 

Your dream is like a mirror, in fact it may have most value when it reflects what is pulling you off

your path or causing anxiety in your life. Dear dreamer, there is no better counselor than your dream, your incredible dreams, when God speaks to us by His Spirit it is like a mirror. 

                              Remember it is God's mirror, so it is perfect and always accurate.

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