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  It has been proven that dreaming is an important part of our life and is vital to our physical 

and mental health. If you experience sleep deprivation you may find yourself hard pressed to make up that sleep and don't forget, you have also lost your precious dream time. 

Your dream is a message from God, just for you, so receive your dream and let it gently whisper to your heart. Our Heavenly Father has so much in mind for you, more than any of us could imagine--

and He is willing to show you in your dreams. 

The good Lord has created us to spend a lot of time dreaming, so don't you think that He has great 

purpose in the dreams that are sent to us? In fact down through history you will discover many famous

people who have received revelation and wisdom through their dreams. While you are sleeping a dream will deliver a message that comes to you when your body is at peace while you are calm and 

settled. Many times this is the only time God can speak with you, then He will whisper deep into your spirit.                                  

                                     He is the Great Dream Weaver who communicates with you

                                     about your future and not only your destiny but the destinies

                                    of those that you care for and love.

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