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               BORING BIO



It felt weird as I began to write this biography. It went something like this. . . " Bj lives in Las Vegas with her very Italian husband, two  bilingual Mexican dogs,three psychic cats, two beautiful budgies, two desert tortoises that try to sleep under the bed, and an amazing thespian daughter."


Actually a bio is just a list of dates, a few achievements, 

events and media attention. But in my other world the things that stand out and seem important in my life took place and found a secret refuge inside my head. . . and I'm sure they will not be found in any bio.


My most significant contribution is not the book I have written or the fleeting celebrity status I have achieved, but the blessings of love I have shared with people and animals.

Is there a voice inside your dream that is calling you to remember your purpose, maybe your reason for being here now? The voice may whisper, even shout that it's not by accident that you are here!


Sometimes the voice needs a friend. A friend that seems to know everything about you and accepts and loves you.


God's ultimate purpose in our dream is to bring us to wholeness. Your dream is a place where deep work of the heart is done and His guidance directs you through your dream.  God reveals problems, broken promises and  anything that troubles you and your loved ones.  And it really doesn't matter if the ones you love have two legs, four legs, feathers, fur, or skin.  


                               Dear Dreamer,

             I'm here. . . I'm the Dreamers Friend

                        Pleasant Dreams







Bj Tortorici


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