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Bj Tortorici,

 Interpreter of Dreams

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During your Dream Interpretation I will help your discern if it is a "spiritual dream or simply a natural dream. Maybe you have the feeling that some of your dreams are not like the rest. The images linger, the emodtions are strongly affected and you get this feeling that what you just experienced is a message from above, a message that needs an explanation! 


Rest assured that when God sends you a dream He will provide you wisdom with interpreting your dream. Also be encouraged that He has gifted some of us with a specific gift of . . .  interpreting dreams. . . and this can be very helpful for especially difficult dreams.

Remember, dear dreamer, that your dream is a message from God, especially for you. Let it speak gently to your heart:

it will show you some of the simplest yet most profound things that will lead you to a deeper understanding of your present situation. 

After you have thought about your dream and feel you need some help with understanding the interpretation. . . .

then please contact me and together we can find the true meaning of your dream.

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