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Welcome, Dear Dreamer, did you know that your dreams are a gift from God? Just like generations before us, the Lord still speaks to you in your dreams while you sleep.  He not only speaks to us in our dreams and visions, but through interpretation, he also shows His good and perfect will for us. 

Everyone dreams for about one or two hours during an average eight-hour sleep cycle. When you enter the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) level of sleep, your eyes begin to move rapidly. It is at this stage of your sleep where you are actually viewing images on the screen within your mind! Many dreamers believe that their dreams are like angelic guardians of their mental and physical well-being.

Our Father in heaven has chosen to communicate with His children through dreams. Surely there is purpose in the fact that we spend at least three years of our lifetime dreaming! If you would add up all the dreams and visions found in the Bible and stories of incredible acts of faith and courage which came out of these visions of the day and night, you would have about one-third of the Bible which is almost the size of the New Testament!

It has been proven that dreaming is an important part of our life and is vital to our physical and mental health. If you experience sleep deprivation you may find it impossible to make up that sleep and don't forget, you have also lost dream time. Your dream is a message just for you, so receive it and let it gently whisper to your heart. 


Your dreams can have a profound impact on your life and on the lives of those around you. Throughout history dreams have caused great kings and wise men to search the Earth for an interpretation of these elusive visions of the night. Nations have fallen, amazing inventions have been discovered and peace has prevailed because of dreams.

With such awe-inspiring evidence and an open invitation to hear God's Counsel delivered to you every night--with free shipping- would you not want to grab this opportunity?  Or dear dreamers, do you still believe that your dreams come from last night's pizza and beer?

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